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United Kingdom Payroll and UK Self Employed Solutions
Here at the Diasiss Group we are here to ensure that you as a contractor receive the right pay at the right time, whether it is as Employed or Self-Employed we are your Team.


For a straightforward fee of 20.00 per week (gross) or 80.00 per month (gross) fixed we will arrange all your affairs from the outset of the contract to termination.

We don’t gloss over the fine print – you know where you stand with us, if we cannot deliver we will tell you so. Having been in the business for over 20 years and our experience even greater we have seen Umbrellas come and go, but we are here and still as strong as ever.

You will receive the highest delivery of service you would expect and when you call you are as important as the next client.

Your expenses will be treated as business expenses but they must be legitimate and for business in line with our policy which is covered in our brochure.

Self Employed

We believe that legislation dictates most workers within the UK should and are treated as Employed under current legislation, however, some do fall outside that remit and we still consider placing them within our Group should the occasion arise, this would be based on many factors and not one size peg fits all, therefore, for consideration you should also contact us to see if we can help – again we will talk straight and the position made clear, our standard 2% fee will apply in these instances

For all enquiries regarding UK working, please contact our UK Office:-

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T: +44 (0)151 244 5448
E: diasiss@clwmanagement.com
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